Thanks to 2nd half to beat a game every week, Steve managed to clear a personal best 37 games, but this single-minded focus took him away from his favored RPG genre, something he intends to rectify heading into 2010.

2009 Total: 37
3 Year: 98
Avg: 32 2/3
Finishing in a solid 2nd once again, Chris has thrown everything in but the kitchen sink with little to show but a near-perfect completion rate. Will 2010 at last bring him victory, or will he again fall a few games short?

2009 Total: 19
3 Year: 70.5
Avg: 23 1/2

Jeremy once again enjoyed a strong start, nearly overtaking Chris, but once again faded quickly in the 2nd half. Is a good book truly better than a half-finished game, or just a ploy to quickly progress in 2010. Only time will tell...

2009 Total: 13
3 Year: 52
Avg: 17 1/3